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Towards a systematic performance management system for industrial research organizations in the ICT sector


Authors: Tatjana Samsonowa, Wolfgang Gerteis, Peter Buxmann

In: The XXI International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference: The Dynamics of Innovation

In this article we present the results of an empirical study on perfor- mance management in industrial research departments in the ICT sector. The empirical approach is illustrated and the analysis steps are outlined. The syn- thesis of the research findings results in a five-level performance management model consisting of the following levels: (1) organizational company goals, (2) organizational research department goals, (3) typical research activities summa- rized in a catalogue of eleven performance clusters, (4) KPI classes reflecting a set of abstract measures for each performance cluster, and (5) concrete exam- ples for each KPI class. The paper focuses on the development of the KPI classes and discusses the relations between the adjacent levels of the perfor- mance management model. The data for this research was gathered by means of eight in-depth case studies based on more than 60 personal interviews and thorough document analyses of each company case.