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Russian companies’ cooperation capabilities: an examination and recommendations for improvement


Authors: Tatjana Samsonowa, Maria Smirnova, Daria Zagorskaya

In: ISPIM Conference Proceedings

This paper focuses on the analysis of collaboration between research departments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The more specific aspect, which is being investigated, is the comparison of the research collaboration in Russian companies as opposed to European and US companies within our sample. In particular, how Russian ICT companies manage collaboration and strategic partnerships within their innovation management. Comparison of Russian vs. European and US ICT industries reveals substantial differences with regards to a. the relative importance of externally oriented performance clusters and b. actual adoption of organizational goals within the overall strategy as well as c. the embedding of research collaboration into the system of research departments’ organizational goals and d. management style (eg, top-down vs. bottom-up goal-setting process).