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Filipp Zhuchkov, Director of the group of companies “Altair”

“I want to express my gratitude to the creators and organizers of this training program for the modern strategic approach to modelling business processes, with which the cycle from abstract idea to the creation of a specific roadmap for development, promotion and market roll-out of the products is reduced to a few hours.

The trainers of the courses, Tatjana Samsonowa and Sebastian Denef, have the ability to transform the complexity of business processes into an easy-to-understand sequence of actions, therefore the creation of business models, their testing and development of the minimum viable products (MVP) become real and doable. The simplicity and usefulness of this methodology allow to apply it to such innovative and breakthrough projects, as our project E-Veche, and for already working in real context manufacturers. I emphasize that our team, without delays, immediately after the module applied this model to our existing construction enterprise, creating hazardous production facilities, which opened up new development prospects and growth points for us and pointed out the mistakes and weaknesses”.