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Evgeny Plekhov, Director of the scientific design bureau in “Ural optical mechanical plant”

“It was useful for me that for all four days I was immersed with the same team in the same context, I was able to completely disengage from the situation in which I am in Russia. After this workshop, I have formed a new look, formed new requirements for some processes and the environment. I want some things to irritate me, and what causes irritation should be corrected. From this point of view, I think the dive was perfect, the work was perfectly done.

For Shvabe there need to be such activities, where they gather groups and teams with opposite professions and responsibilities. It is amazing that in our team today was a specialist in the field of procurement. It would be nice if a lawyer or an accountant participated in our team, for example, because we look at the same matters differently, and when this symbiosis develops, it shows the whole picture. This workshop expanded my mind, made it more open, and as they say in photography, the view became wide-angle”.