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Elen Shagarova, Head of marketing of JSC “Shvabe”

“I got endless pleasure from the process and the result. There were so many moments that were new, interesting and exciting for me. To feel the creative vein within yourself again is wonderful because in the daily work and routine there isn’t always a place for the creator. I liked the program of the workshop. It was dynamic, informative, everything was there for a reason. I believe that the greatest indicator of the success of a workshop or master class is the number of questions you have left and the desire to continue. I have this desire.

The workshop changed my mind from the point of view of how I observed what metamorphosis occurred with my friends, colleagues, and this is the most important thing. Those people who were like in a shell, stuck in this absence of a creative component in their work, engineers, who work daily on a routine of numbers, precise measurements, suddenly reveal themselves from a completely different point of view and manifest not only their interesting professional qualities but also personal qualities. For me, it was a revelation. Regarding your professionalism, you are great, you are getting people, who are really difficult to get going, to move and it is worth a lot. Thank you very much!”