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Lucilla Sioli Head of EC’s DG CONNECT on Research Performance Measurement

Lucilla Sioli, Head of Unit at the European Commission’s Directorate General Communications, Content, Network and Technologies, shared her view on research performance measurement and performance management for European Comission considering Framework Programme ‘Horizon 2020’.

“Performance measurement and performance management are very important for all R&D intensive disciplines, and this is shown by the fact that the communication on Horizon 2020 already had a list of key performance indicators. It is a very important first step because it enabled a number of groups at European Comission to design a set of indicators which can be applied in the different areas and which are relevant in analyzing the impact of the research program”, said Sioli.

According to Sioli, institutions like IPERF can play several roles achieving the objectives of Horizon 2020: they can advice methods for the creation of innovative performance indicators, share their experience of measurement in industrial settings, and continue to work with industry, in setting their objectives, and advising them. This discussion on performance management will develop new approaches to foster innovation in Europe.

Download her slides (PDF) and see the full interview here: