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Tatiana Lyubovskaya, Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO)

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“Congratulations to the participants and the team of the project “Convergence of technology, design and business” with its successful completion! The principles underlying this project are in line with the policies of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs in the field of education, including the involvement of the widest possible audience in the development of promising competencies in key technologies.

“Convergence …” is an interdisciplinary project, with a large amount of practical work, which required a significant investment of time and effort from all its participants, but it is in this practical orientation where the value of the project lies. The positive feedback from the participants allows us to hope that the practical experience in translating ideas into a business that they have gained during their studies will find application in their activities and will open up new perspectives for the development of a business. It is also important that the training took place in the format of teamwork on projects, which allowed students from different companies and even industries to exchange experience. Undoubtedly, the project has a high potential for replicability, especially given the fact that its key components – a modular structure and interdisciplinarity – allow us to design educational programs at various levels on its basis. I wish the project a long and successful life!”