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Measuring research performance is not easy, but is possible, says Dr. Taratukhin

IPERF interview with Victor Taratukhin and Tatjana SamsonowaDr. Victor Taratukhin, a member of the IPERF scientific advisory board, was appointed as a Visiting Professor at Stanford University in February 2015. There he will be focusing on Design Thinking methodology research and will be part of famous Design Research group at Stanford School of Engineering. Dr. Taratukhin is also performing roles of the Head of Research group at the European Research Center for Information Systems, University of Muenster in Germany, and of the University Alliance Program Director, CIS, Nordics and Baltics at SAP.

Dr. Victor Taratukhin comments on research performance measurement: “I believe that measuring research performance is not easy, but I think it is possible”. He adds, that the IPERF institute and events organized by IPERF, like a workshop “Research Performance Measurement and the Impact on Innovation in Europe”, help in finding a way forward for measuring performance and offer new opportunities for the future. With the variety of research initiatives carried out nowadays this problem gains significant importance. For instance, European Union Framework Program has a number of different projects, and measurement for every project should be unique and intrinsic.

As Dr. Taratukhin notes, KPIs for measuring innovations in industry and in academic field are not the same. Industry is oriented towards the results and reaching the main goal of the research. For academia reaching “excellent research and development results” is the main objective; besides that key measurements include number of publications and citation index, although sometimes these indicators are not comprehensive enough. Finding KPIs that reflect the nature of research and research goals remains one of the biggest challenges, but collaboration between industry and scientific circles and creation of platforms and workshops to share ideas help to move forward. Keeping performance management in focus from research throughout all innovation steps is of high importance to achieve efficiency from idea to market. This is why the newly launched IPERF training „Performance-Driven Innovation Management” is a big step forward for the industry.

Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa, managing director of IPERF, comments: “Research goals in academia are indeed quite different from the industry, but we observe a slight convergence here. For instance, academia, especially technical universities, increasingly strive for more mature KPIs such as number of patents, apart from the firmly anchored but still relevant numbers of publications. On the other hand, the industry also counts publications in high ranked journals to ensure uniqueness and originality of the ideas and therefore high potential for innovation in the product pipeline”.

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