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At Europol users determine success, says Örjan Anderberg

Measuring performance is a challenge for many reasons. Örjan Anderberg, Quality Manager at Eurocontrol, previously Head of Performance Management at Europol, says: “I think it is very important to measure the outcome of your work, and it is also very challenging. The issue is the time lag between input and outcome, as greatly highlighted during the keynotes (at the IPERF workshop Research Performance Measurement and the Impact on Innovation in Europe)—all organizations struggle with that, ours as well.”

Europol’s approach to tackle that challenge focuses on the recipients (users). The users of new tools and services invented by Europol matter most. Europol’s innovations are tracked by monitoring and interviewing users on a regular basis. How the users experience an innovation, what the uptake was of a particular tool or an innovation, and, foremost, the users’ feedback of the quality of these products and services are at focus. “I think it is very important to look externally, to look at what the user has in perception of our innovations” concludes Örjan Anderberg.

Tatjana Samsonowa, managing director of IPERF, the International Institute for Research Performance Management, comments: “What Europol does follows the current trend. Increasingly, organization come to realize that performance often goes beyond the boundaries of an organization and that research activities need to take into account and learn from external stakeholders’ interests and reactions, already at a very early stage.”

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