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Workshop: Research Performance Measurement and the Impact on Innovation in Europe

Luxembourg 31.10.2013 13:00–17:00

Meet key stakeholders from the European Commission, industry and academia to elaborate on the impact of government funded research on the innovation in Europe.
Performance Measurement plays a key role for the efficient implementation of innovation strategies in Europe. On the eve of the upcoming Framework Programme Horizon 2020 we will discuss performance measurement criteria with key stakeholders from the European Commission, industry and academia and assess their impact for research and innovation. In the workshop we will focus on the following questions:

  • EU perspective: What were the goals and results of Framework Programme 7 (FP7)? What are the changes, lessons learned and new targets in the upcoming Framework Programme Horizon 2020?
  • Industry perspective: How successful was the research for organizations? How can we, by means of appropriate research goals and suitable measurement criteria, create value added for businesses?
  • Academic perspective: What are best practices in measuring research performance in academia? What stimulates technology transfer and innovation from academic results by companies, governments and citizens?


  • Decision makers in industry and government
  • CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, CMOs, Innovation Managers, Innovations Champions, Technology Scouts


  • Public Funded Research
  • Performance Management & Measurement
  • Performance Indicators
  • Innovation through Research
  • Continuous Improvement

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Chambre de Commerce
7 r. Alcide de Gasperi – Kirchberg  2981 Luxemburg City

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