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Innovation is vital for organizations in times of transient product life cycles and global competition. Today’s innovation approaches, however, lack effectiveness and efficiency and a thorough understanding of performance management.

Certified Education:
Performance-Driven Innovation Management

The certified education on performance-driven innovation management is our response to customer requests. This training program provides innovation managers with a comprehensive foundation and managerial toolbox based on cutting edge insights from academic and industry experts.

Our course is designed for senior R&D experts who aim to enhance their managerial skills, and innovation executives aiming to increase their strategic impact. The course offers a complete overview of best practices and management methods with a focus on the vital aspects of innovation management, that isn’t available from any other course or training provider.

Our training program consists of 12 modules:

Innovation Strategy

What can you expect from the course?

  • A comprehensive framework to manage innovation with techniques on goal setting, business process prioritization and KPI selection throughout the innovation life cycle.
  • Knowledge about design methods in early project ideation phases.
  • Know-how about portfolio management principles and tools, how to analyze and select projects and products in a portfolio.
  • Competence to develop an intellectual property strategy for the technology roadmap of a company.
  • Best practices and tools, which have been successfully implemented in R&D development cycles, like agile management, scrum, design thinking.
  • The course gives an outlook into product management through all phases from conception to withdrawal from market and its special role, challenges and peculiarities within the company.
  • Moreover, cultivating and sustaining your network at this course with your peers from international companies might be valuable for you.

Hear from our Participants

Marie-Louise IPERF Training
Marie-Louise Sadakane (Managing Director, B-Reel GmbH)
  • The 5-day intensive course "Performance-Driven Innovation Management" provides the ideal basis in the area of innovation and transformation to be well-prepared for the challenges of our time. Many companies have great potential for innovation, but may not realize it or cannot provide the right tools required by their employees. With the intensive course of IPERF trainers made me aware of upcoming challenges while learning new ways of working to promote innovation. In particular, the versatility and professionalism of the speakers made the course truly enriching for me.
Paul IPERF Training
Pavel Semenov (Head of Automation Lab, Proton-Electrotex)
  • The training provided me with a very clear understanding of the innovation process. All topics were well connected and integrated in the performance framework. That made the course easy to comprehend, logical, coherent and solid. It was a pleasure for me to dive into course topics with such a great team. Alexander, my colleague, and I were highly motivated after training, so, we immediately started developing a new company strategy using many powerful management tools and ideas from the course. Recently, we successfully presented our strategy to the C-level. Overall, a great training program, experienced speakers, interesting and fun practical tasks made it easy to dive deeply into the matter.
Bernd Worsch IPERF Training
Bernd Worsch (Head of Product Management and Software, pawisda systems)
  • Starting from my interest to get a better grip on IP Management, I came to really appreciate the intense trip from ideation to tech transfer and product management. Your impressive lineup of engaged speakers provided practical insights that worked very well with the helpful and methodical framework stringing topics together. As it happens I immediately integrated a fair share of the material presented into my daily work. So, I was lucky on timing, too. My compliments to all the team and attendees for making this a great and inspiring week.
Tatiana Bobrus IPERF Training
Tatiana Bobrus (Business Analyst at T-Gallery, Deutsche Telekom)
  • This distinguished training course is the unique learning experience both for senior experts and specialists making their first steps in the career on innovation management. The team made the impressive work on attracting highly qualified professionals who gave the deep insight into vital aspects of innovation management in the very interactive manner. I will definitely integrate all valuable management practices and tools I learned into my future work. Compliments to the team of organizers who made this week so exciting!
Örjan Anderberg IPERF Training
Örjan Anderberg (Quality Manager EUROCONTROL, Maastricht Control Centre)
  • This new and unique training course on performance-driven innovation management has provided me with an excellent foundation to discuss further in my own organisation and to implement and explore further. The course was immaculately organized and I especially appreciated the excellent speakers and the interactive setting of the sessions as well as the opportunity to share experience and build my professional network. A truly inspiring week!
Anna Logacheva IPERF Training
Anna Logacheva (Innovation Research, St-Petersburg State University)
  • Having a background in innovation management and writing PhD thesis in the same field I was deeply impressed how clear and concentrated the course was formulated. Every day we had new topic, new professionals and new instruments but within the same framework and all of them complemented well each other. The overall course gave me a really deep understanding of innovation management phases and range of instruments to get even deeper in every real case. It was a pleasure to work with high-level professionals and benefit from their great experience.


Our speakers are well known leaders with hands on experience in all areas of innovation. They will share with you best practice and newest scientific findings. You and the team will collaborate interactively with the experts solving use cases and exercises in teams.


Dr. Joachim Schaper: Vice President Research at AGT International. Previously VP EMEA at SAP Research responsible for strategic development, overseeing seven research locations.


Petra Frenzel: 30 years of experience in General Management, Service and Strategic Solution Management in the ICT-Industry. CEO and MD at Logica, PeopleSoft, Aspect Communications and SAP.


Dr. Sebastian Denef: CEO and Co-Founder of Fraunhofer Spin- Off UBERBLIK. Research fellow at the Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation in Berlin, Germany. Independent design consultant.


Jac Goorden: Managing Director at Bicore; before Managing Consultant at IBM in Eindhoven, portfolio management and execution in innovation and new product development.


Peter Bittner: Founder and Managing Partner at PATIT and President of the Intl. Institute for IP Management. Lecturer at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Univ. of Strasbourg. Work experience at Fraunhofer, Nokia and SAP.


Greg Prickril: Strategic Product Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach for lean and agile, almost 20 years of industry experience in product management at IBM, Microsoft and SAP.


Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa: Managing Director of IPERF and Associate Professor for Research Management. Before, she worked as innovation manager at SAP.



This training is supported by ISPIM – International Society for Professional Innovation Management.