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IPERF announces Converge Project

To successfully operate in modern market, companies need to introduce promising innovations in their products and services. As evidence shows, only a few companies are able to create innovative products and services that are user-oriented, and also effectively manage them in the market. Why? The specialists of companies lack an interdisciplinary set of skills that would allow to reveal in time new technological trends, take into account the requirements of consumers and develop successful business models.

Upon the request of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (Rusnano Group), IPERF, in cooperation with the Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg State University, developed the educational project Converge, which aims to develop interdisciplinary competencies of specialists to create new ideas based on innovative technologies and turn these ideas into highly demanded market products and services.

After training in the Converge Project, specialists will acquire the necessary skills for the development of new ideas based on promising technologies; learn how to design user-oriented products and services; master the transfer of technology and tools for management of the finished product.


Educational project Converge includes 3 thematic blocks: technology, design and business. The Technology block provides an overview of the latest technologies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. The Design block shows how to develop products that are tailored to user needs with the help of design methods and create successful services to support existing products and create a strong positive image in the market. Training in the Business block is devoted not only to development of innovative business models, testing their viability and creating minimal viable products (MVP), but also to business planning, product management and the method of agile development—Scrum.

During the training, participants will work on real projects to create innovative products or services.


To support the work of interdisciplinary teams, the OWN.space cloud platform was been adapted as part of the training. This platform allows creating virtual workspaces, where team members, together with virtual agents based on artificial intelligence technologies, can perform tasks for their projects.


The program is aimed at managers and specialists of various departments of companies.


From September 2017 to February 2018 the first group of students will be trained in the Converge Project on the basis of the Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg State University.

The training will be attended by 30 people—owners and managers of high-technology, construction, manufacturing and IT companies, financial organizations, restaurant chain and advertising agencies .

Tatjana Samsonowa, Managing Director, IPERF
  • Often leaving the universities students have excellent knowledge about theoretical foundations, mathematical models, understand market dynamic, but often cannot apply this knowledge in concrete situations in companies. After completing this program students will be prepared to manage the entire cycle of creating new ideas, converting these ideas into products and take care of necessary in-between steps until not only pushing those products into the markets but also creating services around the products.
Sebastian Denef, Senior Researcher, IPERF
  • In today’s world that is driven by innovation, it is of key importance to understand and connect the drivers of innovation. Students will learn about the latest tools and developments in the core fields of innovation. They will be able to answer questions like: How can I understand what customers need? What is the potential of Big Data and Machine Learning? How can a company thrive on digital innovation? How can my team be more creative? How can I evolve an idea into a successful commercial product? Through combining Business, Technology and Design students will learn of entire innovation lifecycle, from a first idea to a new product or service.
IPERF_Tatjana_Samsonowa sebastian-denef

To learn more about the education project Converge, contact project manager Tatiana Bobrus: tatiana.bobrus@iperf.eu.